Welcome To Explore Flowers


Everyone loves flowers and there are so many flowers in the world to love. From perfectly pruned roses to wild flowers that are close to weeds there are millions to choose from and all can be loved.

Many people do  not really know what some flowers are. Nearly everyone knows the difference between and rose and daisy but do they know the difference between different roses and different daisies. There is no such thing as just a rose or just a daisy and is the same for just a flower.  A flower is a unique piece of art created in nature. Flowers need nurturing and loving they also need the right surroundings.

Some flowers are only found in some places of the world, some are in abundance and others are close to extinction. Finding more information out about flowers and where and why they grow where they do makes flowers even more interesting.

Flowers have been around since time began, many flowers today have meanings. Do you know what some flowers mean or what a colour means?  Not many people do and then of course there are conflicting or just different meanings. Lilies have a significance that is different to a rose and likewise a daisy is far different to an orchid. Knowing the meanings can help you give a better gift to someone or it may just be of fascination to you.

How do flowers get the colours they have?  Colours of flowers have a meaning in nature, the colour is a signal that promotes pollination but that colour also helps man choose the flowers for his loved one. Flowers are fascinating and once one begins to dig a little deeper into the flowers one soon uncovers many things that will make you smile.

Have you ever questioned why certain flowers are only found at  certain times of the year?  Today this is not so much of a problem as flowers are propagated all year round but for true wild flowers, daffodils, primroses and bluebells nature is the queen that governs them.  Seasons still play a tremendous role in the life of flowers.

If you are looking for flowers but are uncertain what to choose or if you want to make a statement with what you give then this is the right place. We love flowers and have started to document information around them. Flowers sent with love always have more meaning but being able to back up that meaning  or a story.

Giving flowers is something special, millions are sent every day and with our help you can perhaps find a better way to give flowers which only you and your loved one will understand. If you truly love someone you will never just give flowers, you will think about and make a choice to make that person feel not just loved but truly special. This is where you can start and with the information here you may just turn love into true love with nothing more than the right flowers at the right time.