Mother’s Day Flowers

Mother’s Day Flowers

Struggling for ideas of what to get Mum for Mother’s Day? You can’t go wrong with a nice bunch of flowers. There’s not a woman in the world who doesn’t appreciate receiving some beautiful blooms – they’re a lovely surprise on the day and can brighten up a room for weeks afterwards.

What’s more, you can choose flowers with an appropriate meaning so you definitely get across what you want to say – that’s in addition to the personal message card that accompanies your gift.

So what are the best flowers for Mother’s Day?

Carnations are probably the most popular flowers associated with Mother’s Day. According to legend, this association dates back to when Mary shed tears for Jesus, which fell on the ground and allegedly turned into beautiful carnations.

Different colours have different meanings:

  • Light red carnations express admiration
  • Dark red symbolise great love and affection
  • White indicates purity, love, peace, tranquility and good fortune.

Pink Roses for Mother's Day

Pink roses are another good option:

Pink roses symbolise a mother’s love for her child.

In particular, dark pink roses signify gratitude and appreciation – so they’re a great way to say ‘thank you’.

There are a number of other flowers that symbolise love, but the best ones for Mother’s Day are:

  • Daisies (loyal love)
  • Forget-me-nots (faithful love)
  • Orange blossom (eternal love)
  • Magenta zinnia (lasting affection).

For a stunning gift, send her some Violets – this lovely dark purple bloom signifies faithfulness and devotion, so are a lasting reminder of your appreciation for your mother’s devotion to you.

Exotic orchids are also stunning and symbolise ‘many children’ in Chinese.

Alternatively, the Day Lily is a Chinese symbol for ‘motherhood’.

A lot of women have a favourite flower, so why not just get a Mother’s Day bouquet full of them? She’ll definitely appreciate the gesture, as long as you choose the right one! Additionally, you could select a bouquet based on her favourite colour, or maybe a colour that will complement her house.

If you still can’t decide, just opt for something beautiful. All options can be wonderfully arranged and well presented in a vase, bag or basket. Whether you go for vibrant bright colours or soft pastel shades, she’s bound to be impressed.

So make Mum’s day on Sunday 14th March and send flowers for Mother’s Day.